The Covid-19 pandemic is hurting football.

Clubs up and down the country have seen revenues plummet as stadiums have remained closed to supporters.

And while there is positive news about a vaccine and a long-awaited return to stadiums, it won’t mean an end to the problems.

We can be thankful that our club is better-placed than many during this time, but that doesn’t mean they are not feeling the pinch too.

It will take time for our club to see off the long-term effects of the pandemic, lockdown and the absence of fans.

Our aim is to protect our Robins during that time, by raising funds to boost our club in its time of need.

The Robins Trust has been a committed investor in Cheltenham Town Football Club for 15 years, but now we are upping the ante.

We are raising funds to Protect Our Robins.

What are we trying to do?

#ProtectOurRobins aims to raise significant, ongoing funds to help our club negotiate its way out of an unprecedented challenge.

Every pound we can raise together means our club is stronger and better-placed to thrive in the future.

Our club means so much to us, that’s why we want to protect it during it’s time of need.

How will it work?

Protect Our Robins gives you the chance to pay what you can afford to pay, either as a one-off or ongoing contribution.

From as little as a £10 one-off contribution, to regular, ongoing commitments, the money the Trust receives from Protect Our Robins will be invested in our club.

After surveying our members, 86 per cent said that they would be willing to raise funds for the club, with 58 per cent saying they wish to do so on an ongoing basis.

What's in it for me?

Each and every person who donates to Protect Our Robins will become a member of the Robins Trust – and therefore a direct investor and shareholder in Cheltenham Town Football Club.

The Trust will use the money we raise to increase our investment in our club, building on the 10 per cent stake we already hold.

Money raised through Protect Our Robins will not only strengthen our club, it will strengthen your voice and that of the club’s most-important stakeholder: the fans.

The small print

There isn’t any…

The Trust has been in close contact with the club during the work to establish Protect Our Robins.

We have been open and honest with them, they have been open and honest with us.

We have offered to draw up a legal Heads of Terms agreement with the club, but hope our word here will suffice, we commit to:

  1. All the money raised through Protect Our Robins – save for the first £1 investment from anyone who hasn’t previously been a Trust member * – will be invested into the club.
  2. Investments will be made on an ongoing, regular basis – monthly, if required – in return for shares in Cheltenham Town AFC Ltd, at our previously-agreed rate.
*The £1 initial investment from any new Trust member is their non-transferable share in Cheltenham Town Supporters Society Limited, giving them full membership and voting rights in the Robins Trust. Register your Interest